live for laughter
for the love
for the sins we cannot repent
for the people we cannot repay
dance as if it hurts to stand still
let your feet feel the Earth
be blind in your judgment
and all seeing of the possibilities
float free upon whatever makes you smile
slip into lust
with the liner on your eyes
pluck your brows and paint your lips
wear booty shorts and skirts with no slips
adorn your crown with flowers
rip your shirts and shred your jeans
bring brightness to your eyes by all means
kiss slow and kiss hard
bite lips and suck tongues
etch tattoos into skin with the edges of your fingernails
be timid in your loving
or be outrageous
be kind and be courageous
make pretties out of pains
light your cigarette
sing songs when it rains
kiss your boyfriend and kiss his mother
tell her her son is like no other
that your heart aches for him
express gratitude in hugs and never stop painting
never stop drawing
never stop singing dancing or writing
unplug your phone at 69% and laugh for ten minutes
then kiss your reflection
pay no attention to the next election
and aim for less than perfection
be celebratory of all that you do
thank the Sun for your skin
and kiss hers with soft lips
live for laughter
for the love
for the sins we cannot repent
for the people we cannot repay

© Ama Akoto (2014)

Published by Sunshine

Sunny Scape is a safe space for Black women and queer folks. I am committed to eradicating intersecting systems of oppression that overwhelmingly affect people like myself, and doing so in a way that centers the most marginalized of us. That means that I am an activist on behalf of Black and brown queer and trans folks, children, sex workers, disabled folks, people of low socioeconomic status, currently and formerly imprisoned people, and countless others who are pushed to the back burners and relegated to second-class citizenship. This blog and everything within it is absolutely inseparable from the liberation efforts of all the aforementioned groups of people.

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