This is a “Poem of the Day” feature piece

my granddaddy kept liquor in his shoe

stumbled from a one-room
Jackson, Mississippi house
to a TWO bedroom way across the country
leavin big mama and ha five kids
wit tha sobering reality of
tha 40s
desertion/ gone—no use in stayin
it must be in his blood

which he tucked in his
shirt pocket and kept
with the other staples of fatherhood
he forgot to give
to my daddy

left behind his allergies
his itchy eczema
them 2 big hands nd 2 wide feet
and a general disinterest in
bein my daddy
but seemd to hav taken
the trace of his face in any
of these photographs
a shadow figure
nameless except to say
that nigga wit
yo daddys same name

so bcus he left
fermenting the soles of his feet
my daddy wont take a sip
wont even eat the food
if its been sittin in liquor

© Ama Akoto (2018)

Published by Sunshine

Sunny Scape is a safe space for Black women and queer folks. I am committed to eradicating intersecting systems of oppression that overwhelmingly affect people like myself, and doing so in a way that centers the most marginalized of us. That means that I am an activist on behalf of Black and brown queer and trans folks, children, sex workers, disabled folks, people of low socioeconomic status, currently and formerly imprisoned people, and countless others who are pushed to the back burners and relegated to second-class citizenship. This blog and everything within it is absolutely inseparable from the liberation efforts of all the aforementioned groups of people.

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