My life is changing, and so am I

“his is my personal musings on what in my life is changing to such a degree that I was initially riddled with fear and panic, but am now feeling more like a hot-air balloon merging with the clouds, into the sunlight. But, like, not about to burn up. And if I am, like I would be reborn from the ashes of myself. Not to wax poetic about it, or anything.”

Does every poem need a title?

  You’ve stretched out over six feet of spaceThe only six available in a tight cramped hospital roomThe timed whir of machines processing their functionsManufacturing life for the fathers of crumbling daughtersWakes you from the slumber you keep attempting to stealBetween Catholic prayers bleeding through overhead speakersAnd the methodical ticking of another plastic heartbeat IfContinue reading “Does every poem need a title?”