Octavia St. Laurent

I want you down on your knees
Where servants and dogs belong
Licking at my toes
HUNGRY for a taste of my sweat and grime
Any proof of my earthy heritage
And otherworldly existence
I want you suckling at my tits
And polishing the dark brown of my areolas
My pleasure should be your first concern
Wiping up the wetness from my legs
And caressing the inside of my vulva
i want you ripping at my skin
with your teeth and nails
Shredding me apart
And piecing me back together
With nothing but the faint memory of my being
And a lingering taste for my pussy 
You can call me out my name
Then recognize who I am
And worship me
Wrap your hands around my throat
Until my heart is palpitating in your palm
And the key to its chambers is misshapen and unusable
Learn how my cervix is shaped
And then leave it to me

You can do whatever you like with me

Except disrespect me.

I Don’t Wanna Be Sexy

Some days I want to be a rose bush,
To plant my roots so deep beneath the soil I can feel the heat wafting off the center of the earth
Sexy sounds like a scratched cd stuck on the same shitty song and I’m oh so tired of hearing it
I wanna light the world on fire with my sheer brilliance, set ablaze the notions of incompetence that come with insurmountable beauty
Sometimes I want to be a mechanic
Other times I want to be the car
Sometimes I want to be the sky
Other times I feel like a star
Then I want to be like Harriet–wielding a shotgun between my arms, freeing my people under the threat of death
Sometimes I want to be a mother and weave the fabric of my love into a quilt which will warm the world
Others—I want to be the sole inhabitant of this planet
Nothing but the flowers and me
The sun
And me
I am tough
And tender
I am every note of the perfect sonata
I am so much more than sexy—so I don’t wanna be sexy
I want to be faster than the wind
I wanna be little boy blue and big bitch pink all at once
I want to be all the pussies the kitty kats twats and cunts
And some days I want to be the blooming poet basking in the sun and drowning herself in words feelings and more words
If today I choose to be strong and tomorrow to cower beneath the warmth of my sheets I shall do so
I want to be so much more than sexy
I am beautiful, pulchritudinous, outrageously comely and strapped with magazine clips and dreams
I want to be so much more than sexy I’ma actually bring sexy back
Back to black
Back to pitch black full lipped and wide hipped
Big bellied loud mouthed and short tempered
Calm, quaint, and kind of like a doe prancing through grasslands
I want to love and be loved for the ideas bouncing around my head
For the full extent of my person for my devotion dedication and dire
I wish to be the sun in all her exploding glory.
© Ama Akoto (2016)

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